Kami + Riley's wedding was nothing short of magical. I could honestly talk forever about this couple, how great they are, how much we get along, and how much we all love John Mayer LOL. I'll try to keep it short.

K + R got married at Kami's families new wedding venue in Merkel, Texas. I had no expectations going into the day because I truly had no idea what the space looked like, and WOW were my expectations beyond exceeded. This space was so cool and honestly SO Kami! It's crazy how a building can feel like a person.

Their day was sweet, easy and the most laid back wedding I've photographed so far. This day, I really tried to focus on capturing the little moments. The ones you don't remember happening until you see the photo. I remember when I was a bride, those were some of my favorite photos. I left their day feeling a swell of love for this job and wanted to hold onto that feeling forever. Of course the endorphins faded after about 2 hours into my drive home, but those endorphins came flooding back as I edited their day.

Fun fact: We found out during their bride and groom session, that Riley and I both have a literal obsession with John Mayer. Like, we've gone to every concert in Dallas obsession. We then discovered we would both be going to the John Mayer concert in April! So a double date is now planned :)

I just love these two. Kami + Riley forever!!


getting ready

First look with dad


wedding party

Bride + Groom