December 30th 2021.

A Texan + a Canadian meet, fall in love, and here we are today. Alexis has been one of my best friends for the last year and a half. Through the last year of getting to know both of them, it's so evident the way they feel about each other. When the time came for Corey to start planning to get down on one knee, Alexis made it clear there would be no one but me, capturing that moment. It was magical, joyful, nerve wracking and the most exciting evening ever.

Alexis is quite the snoop and the minute Corey got the ring she began asking me, and all of her other friends, details for when, how, where, etc. She was so good, she figured out the week of the proposal. No shame for snooping!! I did the same thing when I was about to get engaged, I just wasn't able to find anything out LOL.

Soooo, our little proposal team began scrambling to figure out ways to throw her off. From me pretending I was flying to Colorado, to other friends saying they were going out of town, we managed to pull it off. When she pulled up to the proposal spot, all she could say was "Are you kidding?"... so I think we were successful in surprising the un- surprisable!!

The Details

The Proposal

The Portraits